Talent management

Selecting the right people. Training and developing talent.

We specialize in the “people” side of law firm management

The heart of a practice is the scientific assessment, selection and development of talent. We continually scan the professional literature in the fields of psychology, management science, neuroscience, organization development, and related fields. We then integrate these insights with our vast experience and knowledge of the legal profession to provide you with clear, simple and actionable advice rooted in science to help you find, develop and motivate the best talent for your firm or corporate legal department.

Find Talent Management Services

Assess Program

Psychological Testing:  We offer testing and assessments to help you with a wide range of talent needs—recruiting/selection, promotion, coaching, development, feedback, etc.


Discern Program

 Talent Selection and Hiring:  A comprehensive, soup-to-nuts program designed to help your firm optimize the process of searching for, selecting and hiring the best talent.


Cultivate Program

Customized Talent Programs:  A series of bespoke workshops to help your firm leverage your top talent in a wide variety of ways.


Our most frequently requested services in this area include

Advice in transitioning from associate “lockstep” systems to a “levels” system (i.e., promotion based on mastery of critical competencies instead of on having passed another year at the firm)

Advice and guidance in improving motivation or developing high levels of engagement among your lawyers and other professionals (including associate retention programs)

Design and implementation of customized, state-of-the-art multi-rater feedback systems (upward evaluations, peer review surveys, and 360-degree feedback)

The use of psychological testing to help select the right candidate

Developing competency models

Delivering talent management in several ways

Consultation to management

We provide private guidance to top firm leaders and corporate general counsel about best practices

Training programs

We design and deliver workshops and seminars custom-tailored to your firm’s needs


We test hundreds of lawyers every year, using over a dozen different assessment tools, including the Caliper Profile, the Hogan Assessment, the MBTI, the Gallup StrengthsFinder, and other tools

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