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Havoc to Harmony Program

Repair Dysfunctional Behavior: Custom-tailored programs designed to repair dysfunctional behavior, and restore normalcy as rapidly as possible.

In today’s rapidly changing, highly competitive world, law firms sometimes suffer dysfunctional behavior. This can take many forms, and can affect an entire firm, or just one or two groups, offices or practices within the firm.

Some of the most common types of dysfunctionality include:

Conflict between practices (e.g., between litigators and transactional lawyers)

Dysfunctional behavior caused by a “900-pound gorilla” partner

Friction between junior and senior partners

Friction between “hard charging” and “lifestyle” partners

Friction caused by declining economics

Friction caused by conflicting values

Lowered morale caused by oppressive leadership

And many others

These situations can cause havoc internally, affect morale, reduce satisfaction, lower productivity, and affect the bottom line. They can even lead to firm breakups. The sooner you address these issues, the greater is the likelihood of success.

At LawyerBrain, we’ve developed a highly effective methodology that helps you repair these problems and restore civility, collegiality and trust. Since the 1980’s, we’ve helped over 40 law firms address these types of issues successfully, and we can help you do the same.

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