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Over the years, we’ve gathered personality data on tens of thousands of lawyers. This unique resource allows a deep understanding about what makes lawyers tick, how to influence their behavior, and how to bring out their best. In addition to the standard services we offer, over the years, clients just like you have proposed imaginative, bespoke ways to harness our expertise to help them address some very interesting challenges.

Listed below are some of the one-off engagements we’ve completed. Have a challenge we can help you address?
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Some Examples

Clients have engaged us to do some interesting things over the years, including:

Succession Planning: Several law firms have asked us to administer personality assessments to help in the process of selecting the next managing partner

Culture Change: Helped the law department of a top ten international consulting firm get their lawyers to be more client-centric.

Marketing Psychology: Helped the sophisticated marketing team at a major AmLaw 100 law firm adjust their business development training to incorporate some core psychological principles of influence.

Early Warning System: Helped a U.S.-based international law firm by custom-designing a 360-degree survey for use as an early warning system to detect management issues in their overseas offices.

Competency Model: Helped one of the leading law firms in the world identify the 4 most important qualities of a successful partner so they could hire more of the same.

The Psychology of Compensation: Worked closely with a top compensation consultant to add psychological insights as she designed a new comp system for an AmLaw 50 law firm.

The Psychology of Mergers: Worked closely with a top strategy consultant to add psychological insights as he helped two firms merge into a megafirm.

Cutting-Edge Performance Management: Helped an ALSP startup supercharge their performance management system by incorporating the latest scientific principles of employee engagement.

Outdoor Challenge for Lawyers: Developed a unique outdoor challenge course called “Lawyers in the Wilderness”sm and offered it to over a dozen law firms to help their leaders achieve breakthroughs.

Global Engagement: Worked virtually with the Hong Kong office of a global law firm to help them build high levels of engagement among their lawyers.

Resilience Down Under: Conducted a virtual Resilience training for the top lawyers in an Australian corporate legal department.

Change in the Judiciary: Was engaged by a state judiciary to train all their judges in the scientific principles of coping with change.

Selling to Lawyers: On 4 different occasions, companies have sought our guidance to aid their sales teams in understanding the psychology of selling their products/services to law firms.

and others . . .

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