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Change. Motivation. Teams. Innovation. Conflict. Morale.

We live in a world of constant change—rapid, accelerating, relentless, exponential change. External forces, many beyond our immediate control, can have a direct impact on how our lawyers perform—on their motivation, commitment, engagement, and level of cooperation. Lethargy can set in. Conflict can emerge. Today’s law firm leaders need to understand and take advantage of the principles of group dynamics. They need to help their lawyers innovate to get the upper hand on change. They need to follow the science about what makes leaders effective and what makes employees highly engaged. This well established body of psychological principles can give you the tools you need to cope with all of these issues.

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Actuate Program

Create a Highly Engaged Workforce:

Designed to help law firm leaders increase the engagement and motivation of your lawyers, and reduce the risk of attrition, using powerful, field-tested scientific principles.


Transform Program

Cope with Change Scientifically:  A series of programs designed to help law firm leaders cope with change. Based on the latest scientific findings about change management.


LawyerBrain Upward

Custom-Designed Upward Evaluations:  Let us design a comprehensive upward feedback system tailored to your firm. Capitalize on our decades of experience.


Esprit Program

Build Teams and Teamwork:  Designed to help law firm leaders foster collaborative behavior among your lawyers, build teams, and increase a more inclusive mindset.


Horizons Program

Get Your Lawyers to Innovate:  One of the best ways to cope with change is to initiate it yourself instead of waiting until it forces your hand. To do this effectively, leaders must figure out how to get risk-averse lawyers to innovate. Luckily, some recent research provides some great psychological tools that can help your lawyers tap into their creative side.


Havoc to Harmony Program

Repair Dysfunctional Behavior:  Custom-tailored programs designed to repair dysfunctional behavior, and restore normalcy as rapidly as possible.


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