Pioneer Executive Leadership Teams Program

For Intact Senior Leadership Teams: Specifically designed to optimize the group dynamics and effectiveness of your leadership teams. (e.g., Executive Committees, Management Committees)

This program has been specially designed for the senior leadership team—as a team. In this case, we only work with an intact team such as an Executive Committee or a smaller group of top firm leaders. This program is designed with two inter-related purposes: (1) to help individuals learn more about their own leadership style and about how to be more effective as leaders, and (2) to learn how to optimize the intact leadership team as a cohesive unit. Leadership teams that work well together can do extraordinary things in a law firm, and this program is designed to maximize your potential to do so.

We utilize several assessment tools to provide actionable feedback to the leaders, including a unique measure of their effectiveness as a team. By the end of the session, participants will have gained deeper insights about their strengths and blind spots as leaders, and will walk away with specific prescriptions for how to optimize the performance of the leaders as a team. Interested? Call LawyerBrain.

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