Positive psychology

Leveraging psychological capital using the latest science.

Since World War II, the main focus of psychology has been on fixing what’s broken about people—alleviating depression, managing psychoses, dealing with loss, and the like. In 1998, psychologist Martin Seligman, during his year as President of the American Psychological Association, called for a new focus in psychology, one that paid equal attention to how people can thrive, flourish and perform at their best.

Dr. Seligman emphasized the importance of applying the scientific method to questions such as what conditions lead to happiness, well-being, satisfaction or engagement.

Psychological factors

In the years since his initial plea, there has been a groundswell of serious scientific research into the psychological factors that make life worth living. Researchers in other fields such as neuroscience, molecular biology, health science, and management science have joined in, and together they have made significant advances in understanding the important contribution to thriving made by numerous practices, including:



Building on strengths


Social Connection

Realistic Optimism

Making Meaning



Self-Determination (Autonomy, Relatedness + Achievement/Mastery)


Positive Emotions


and others

Scientific principles

Since 2005, we at LawyerBrain have been exploring ways to harness these research findings to help law firms perform better. Our own investigations have identified ways to utilize these scientific principles to help law firms in the following areas:

Loss Prevention/Risk Management

Getting lawyers to collaborate or work in teams

Improving collegiality and civility

Building trust

Improving leadership

Building psychological Resilience

Managing stress and improving well-being (2nd MOST POPULAR)

Coping with change

Improving associate retention

Increasing overall employee engagement (MOST POPULAR)

Inoculating lawyers against depression

Generating ultra-high performance

Getting partners to do the non-billable tasks that leaders ask them to do

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