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Performance improvement generally does not take place merely by learning new information. Attending a seminar is helpful, but rarely sufficient, to produce true, sustained behavior change. What is required, in addition to didactic learning, is support in the form of a more tailored, individualized approach—executive coaching.

At LawyerBrain, we are experts in high level coaching for lawyers

Coaching can include any of the following scenarios:

Executive coaching for managing partners and general counsel

Leadership coaching for lawyers in key leadership roles

Performance coaching for “star” lawyers to take them to the next level

Remedial coaching for a lawyer who is underperforming or is exhibiting problematic behaviors

Coaching specifically aimed at raising a lawyer’s level of Resilience or Empathy

Follow-up coaching for individuals who participated in one of our seminars — tailoring the learnings at a personal level

Custom: We can work with you to customize a coaching engagement around a particular issue of your choice.

Our approach to coaching lawyers draws on Dr. Richard’s decades of empirical research on the unique personality traits of lawyers. Exclusive in the coaching field, we provide a tailored coaching experience based on our proprietary scientific insights. Coaching services can be in-person, virtual, or a combination.

For more details on our coaching programs designed exclusively for senior leaders, see our Leadership Coaching page:

Leadership Coaching

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