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We’ve been turning lawyers into leaders since 1984. We study the latest leadership science, and pair it with best practices from industry, the military, and other professional service firms. We then adapt these practices to the unique needs of the legal profession—the result: a completely custom-tailored, state-of-the-art approach to teaching leadership skills to lawyers. We offer the following leadership development programs:

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De Novo Leadership Program

For New Managing Partners: Newly elected? Get up to speed fast with our evidence-based guidance on the science of effectively leading lawyers. Informed by our unique insights from studying the lawyer personality for decades.


Inspire Leadership Program

Our Premier Leadership Program:  Intense, results-oriented, state-of-the-art action-learning programs for Exec Comm members, PG leaders and other senior leaders.


Pioneer Executive Leadership Teams Program

For Intact Senior Leadership Teams: Specifically designed to optimize the group dynamics and effectiveness of your leadership teams. (e.g., Executive Committees, Management Committees)


LawyerBrain Advisory

Get Advice via Phone/Zoom:  Buy an hour of our time and expertise.


LawyerBrain On Call Program

Trusted Advisor Subscription Program:  For senior law firm leaders and corporate general counsel.


Leadership Coaching

Executive Coaching for Senior Leaders:  Tailored one-on-one attention for law firm senior executives and corporate general counsel.


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