Building lawyer resilience

Increase mental toughness. Manage risk. Boost engagement.

Dr. Richard’s research into the lawyer personality has revealed that 90% of lawyers score in the bottom half of the scale on the psychological trait called “Resilience”. Low resilience people tend to be relatively thin-skinned, defensive, and easily wounded by criticism, rejection or other setbacks. They don’t bounce back well from adversity.

There’s good news—over the past decade, both the U.S. Army as well as many corporations have discovered that psychological resilience can be taught, using a simple set of cognitive strategies. The payoffs for doing so are considerable:

Reduces the stressful symptoms of low Resilience

Helps individuals to bounce back from adversity

Helps individuals to avoid reacting negatively to adverse events

Inoculates the individual against future low Resilience triggers

Teaches individuals how to cope with criticism, rejection, setbacks, and other threats to the thin-skinned

Builds positive psychological resources—people who learn Resilience skills tend to be more collaborative, trusting, kinder, less critical, more engaged, and happier

Dr. Richard provides a wide range of services to law firms and law departments to help build mental toughness and psychological resilience in lawyers. These include:

Keynote speeches focused on building resilience

Half-day, full-day and two-day workshops focused on building resilience

Customized programs to build resilience in your firm or department

Individualized coaching for senior leaders to build resilience

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