Inspire Leadership Program

Our Premier Leadership Program: Intense, results-oriented, action-learning programs for Exec Comm members, PG leaders and other senior leaders

This program has been specially designed for practice group leaders and individual senior firm leaders (members of executive or management committees, senior leadership teams, etc.)

Designed from the ground up for large and mid-size law firms, this program is based on sound, field-tested principles of behavioral science. This program produces results—participants actually improve their leadership skills over the course of the program, and those that they lead are more likely to follow them.

How is this possible? Research shows that the most effective leadership development programs spend 70% of their time providing actual leadership immersion experiences for participants, 20% of their time doing skilled coaching with participants to draw insights from these experiences, and only 10% of their time on didactic learning (Power Point presentations, etc.) Yet most competing leadership development programs spend 80% to 100% of their time on didactic information. This is what lawyers often want, but it is not what they need. Developing leaders successfully demands a 70-20-10 approach, and that’s what we deliver.

Our unique educational programs are based on an Action Learning model—a methodology that is widely used in the corporate world. From the beginning of our program, we immediately immerse lawyers in live leadership experiences and probe for insights and learnings that can be applied in the firm in a practical way. Participants work in small teams with “live ammo”, i.e., commitments to solve real-world problems during the course of the program. A program runs anywhere from 6 months to a year in duration.

We design and deliver experiential leadership training that produces measurable improvements in leadership skills.

We supplement the “live” teaching with didactic classroom teaching, de-briefs, peer coaching, online modules, small group work, and reading assignments.

By the end of the program, participants will have measurably improved their skills in leading others. We encourage you to take pre- and post-training measurements to track the progress of your leaders and to demonstrate their increased capacity as effective leaders. Interested? Call LawyerBrain.

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