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Discern Program

Law firms run on talent. The cost of making a hiring mistake can be enormous. Luckily, there is a growing body of science that can help guide hiring decisions and reduce the risk of picking the wrong person.

LawyerBrain has been helping law firms discretely select the best talent for over 20 years. We can custom-design a program for you. We’ll help you understand the best practices for each component of the scientific selection process:

  • Identifying the best selection criteria—developing competency models
  • The value of “structured interviews”
  • How to select the right people to do interviewing
  • How to train interviewers to conduct a selection interview (and how to properly evaluate a candidate’s responses)
  • How to use testing and assessments as part of the selection screening process (and what not to do)
  • Understanding the science behind “job-person fit”
  • How to manage your “brand” in the selection interview

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