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Dr. Larry Richard, our founder and principal consultant, is a highly sought after speaker. He consistently receives the highest ratings for his provocative and engaging presentations. Law firms also seek out his services to design and facilitate retreats, and to facilitate difficult discussions among partners. Here is a summary of our services in this area:

Law firms frequently hire Dr. Richard in connection with various kinds of firm meetings. These engagements can take a variety of forms, depending on the goals that firm management wishes to accomplish, including:

  • Facilitating an entire retreat, including the design of various elements
  • Speaking at a retreat—ranging from a keynote address to a half-day workshop
  • Facilitating difficult conversations – among a small number of partners, a whole practice group, or the entire firm
  • Helping partners to brainstorm, innovate, or develop new ways of thinking about an issue
  • Speaking to firm leaders about “people” issues
  • Conducting training programs

Here are some of the most popular topics that Dr. Richard has been asked to speak about during the past year in various law firms and corporate law departments. He also custom-designs programs to suit the specific needs of your firm or department:

  • What Makes Lawyers Tick? Understanding the Lawyer Personality
  • Practicing Law at the Speed of Light: The Psychology of Managing Change
  • Getting Ahead of Change: Teaching Lawyers to Innovate
  • Cognitive Biases, Blind Spots, and Other Impairments of Ethical Vision: How Good People Can Go Unwittingly Astray
  • Associate Retention: The Science of Creating Engaged Lawyers (and what's up with the Millennials???)
  • Improving Lawyer Performance in Turbulent Times: Breakthrough Ideas for Lawyer Engagement
  • Coping with Change: How to Turn Lemons into Lemonade
  • Jumbo Shrimp, Genuine Naugahyde, and Optimistic Lawyers: What can the psychology of resilience teach us about improving lawyer performance?
  • Law Firm Leadership for the 21st Century: Why Every Lawyer Must Be A Leader
  • Building Teams and Teamwork in a Law Firm

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