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Understanding Millennials Program

The majority of your associate class is now filled with Millennials—those born after 1982. The popular press has been saying for a long time that this generation is truly different from those generations that have come before—that their values are different, their attitudes are different, their motivations are different. Skeptics pushed back and suggested that this generation is just like every other generation—it’s just that we older folks have simply forgotten what young people are like at that age.

While there was a lot of chatter about these issues, there really wasn’t any good scientific research about it until 2010. In the years since, an important body of excellent research has begun to provide reliable data about this unique cohort, and the overall conclusions support the idea that this is indeed a unique generation, unlike any that has gone before.

Law firms are struggling with this group. Leaders are asking questions like “How do we motivate them?” and “How can we engage them enough so that they become interested in being a partner?” and “How can we find the ones that will make good lawyers?” We at LawyerBrain have immersed ourselves in the science behind Millennials, and have integrated it with what we know about lawyers in general. We can help your firm answer these and related questions about this special group. We provide guidance to law firm leaders and to your partners about what makes Millennials tick, how to understand them, how to motivate them, and how to engage them. Interested? Call LawyerBrain.