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Performance improvement generally does not take place merely by learning new information. Attending a seminar is helpful, but rarely sufficient, to produce true, sustained behavior change. What is required, in addition to didactic learning, is support in the form of a more tailored, individualized approach—executive coaching.

At LawyerBrain, we are experts in high level coaching for lawyers. Coaching can include any of the following scenarios:

  • Executive coaching for managing partners
  • Leadership coaching for partners in key leadership roles
  • Performance coaching for “star” partners to take them to the next level
  • Remedial coaching for a lawyer who is underperforming or is exhibiting problematic behaviors

In order to insure an affordable cost to our clients, and to provide the capacity to coach multiple lawyers at the same time, we have subcontracted with an elite group of highly skilled executive coaches who are available for the majority of our coaching assignments. Coaching for managing partners is always conducted by our founder, Dr. Larry Richard, himself, as are other assignments upon request by the client.

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